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    Felt Specification's Use
    Application befor installation:
    Inspect the package intergrity.
    Verify the Model No. specification, GSM on the package in consistency with order.
    Unpack and inspect the appearance and dimension

    Clean paper machine.
    Verify front and back side and the run direction
    Avoid grease staining and damage
    Do not draw strongly

    Running without stack:
    Align the felt
    Wet the felt with clean water
    Put proper tension on the situation
    Icrease nip pressure
    Paper machine creep speed
    Further increase tension
    Set at normal pressure
    Add clean water,detergent or 5% hot caustic to soften the felt
    Inject lower pressure steam and vacuum system
    Adjust the felt surface
    sufficient run time on bare machine will improve the stability and durability of felt

    Paper making:
    Complete all preparation work before releasing pulp
    Adjust the tension of the felt after releasing pulp
    Ensure the same linear pressure on both sides of the felt and adjust accordingly
    Ensure the normal running on vacuum system and washing system
    Inspect the running situation for shifting and regulate accordingly
    Prevent any pulp piece or broken paper coming into the press area or felt

    Prevent overlap, uneven wear, uneven wash and accidental damage.
    Prevent apitball and pulp corps entering into the press section
    Correctly use the high pressure water, sector water and vacuum washing box
    keep the standard line straight and parallel
    Wash the felt frequently and use proper chemical wash
    Wash completely and relax during downtime
    Enhance the life performance through washing
    Any question, please contact with the manufacturer
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